Genuine advisory

Investment bankers face a dilemma: they typically know little about the companies they would like to work with and therefore tend to oversell their knowledge to win a mandate. We try hard not do this, limiting our services to our expertise gathered over our careers.

M&A and Corporate Finance

Sell-side and buy-side advisory is our core business, for strategic and financial investors as well as for entrepreneurs. Related corporate finance services include capital raising, structured financing, merchant banking and asset solutions. Most of our transactions are cross-border deals.

An integral element of our work is emotional deal intelligence. When a founder of a business eventually decides to sell out, our approach includes personalized senior-level coaching beyond standard financial, legal, and tax deal components.


Our home turf is Europe, but we are not limited to it. Dealing with the intricacies of emerging markets such as Turkey or Ukraine is equally familiar to us as avoiding pitfalls in Germany or Norway.


Communications & media are one forte of our firm. In certain subsectors such as outdoor advertising our track record is arguably unparalleled.

Real estate is another key sector, and we also really like IT, e-business, consumer goods and financial services.