Authentic and committed

After a successful closing our client told us that we were refreshingly different to other investment banks: unpretentious. We liked that and pondered if this was our general approach to work - we guess it is. 


Humility is key. We are neither omniscient nor omnipotent. It is simply impossible that we know your company better than you do. Neither do we have a panacea for each problem. However, we may have the tools to address, analyse, dissect, understand and eventually solve it.


Fairplay, trust and integrity are essential for any relationship, be it private or professional. Our work ethics are not different to our private ones - if our clients meet us in private, we are still the same persons they met earlier at work.

Clients and assignments

Financial or strategic investors - we like long-term relationships with repeat transactions. We only accept assignments when we are convinced we can deliver. Anything else would mean messing about.


Adjectives coming to our mind are relaxed, focused, intuitive, authentic, personal, analytical. We do not want to be in the limelight - in fact, we have neither need nor desire to be, unless it's in the client's best interest.

We trust that this philosophy helps us run a straightforward, sustainable business in the best interest of both our clients and us. If you disagree with our assumptions that this works, just let us know: